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Calculate your footprint in 5 min

With our free Carbon Calculator you reveal how your lifestyle influences your carbon footprint and what the main contributing factors are.

See how you can reduce your CO2

We all need to change our lifestyle to prevent climate catastrophes. That's why we'll guide you in reducing your footprint as efficiently as possible.



Offset your remaining footprint

For less than a Netflix subscription, you can neutralise your life! With a CarbonCancel membership, you support UN-certified projects that reduce carbon-emissions and foster local development.

Together we will save the planet

This is really just the start! Together, we will continue the fight for systemic solutions. By offsetting your carbon footprint, you've taken a step for humanity towards a climate neutral world.



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Support UNFCCC-certified projects

CarbonCancel allows you to go carbon neutral by by offsetting 150% of your carbon footprint. Your membership supports carbon offsetting projects that have received the  United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism certificate. Through your membership you contribute to innovation, resilience and a carbon neutral world!

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When you become a CarbonCancel member now, you'll get access to your own dashboard with detailed insights into your own emissions and the projects you're supporting.